We’ll make it happen:
With our state of the art machines and our highly experienced personal, we can offer a wide array of laser application possibility’s.


The high-precision ”cold” ablation-based laser shaping processes that we employ include burr-free cutting, milling, drilling, patterning, structuring and scribing of plastics, ceramics, glass, silicon, thin metals, germanium, molybdenum etc.

By utilizing the latest and most advanced laser micro machining technology, Veld Laser Innovation (VLI) offers laser application developments and contracting services. Our main orientation is in the field of industrial, medical, food and aerospace applications. Related products are; medical devices, dental implants, drug-delivery systems, microfluidic devices, micro-vias and other products characterized by extremely small features.

Aside from laser subcontracting, we also offer related product development and assembly services. For a cost effective approach for high volume production, we strive for a highly optimized/dedicated tool setup. Micro machining is a rapidly growing process in the laser material processing area.


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