We are continuously exploring new ways of laser opportunities: laser welding, laser drilling, laser cutting and laser micro machining.

In many cases the required parts are precise, have a high complexity or need after processing.

The industries we serve;

  • machine-build
  • instrument-build
  • optics
  • micro-electronics
  • analytical
  • control-& measurement.
  • Security
  • Food
  • Defence
  • Aircraft

Industrial laser applications are a main asset of today’s production force. The many advantages of laser applications count numerous reasons, why to decide for laser material processing; flexible, fast, scalable and suitable for automation.

It is our commitment to research and development that has resulted in timely innovations. Veldlaser is continuously exploring new ways of laser opportunities: laser welding, laser drilling, laser cutting, laser cladding and laser micro machining.


In medical technologies, lasers have conquered a wide range of applications over the past years. The micro cutting of stents and medical implants are only one example.
The Laser welding of plastics has also gained a considerable market share in medical technology. This process may be used to create weld seams in close proximity to sensitive electrical parts.

Other fields of laser applications in the medical segment include:

  • dental implants
  • Implant-ology
  • Adaptions
  • Medical devices
  • Drug delivery Devices

As an ISO- 9001: 2000 certified manufacturing organization, Veldlaser’s core competence of laser micro machining plastics, ceramics, glass and thin metals is complemented with product assembly capabilities. This kind of vertical integration provides you as the customer with additional value, a critical contribution to meet the need of medical device customers.


The last frontier. To explore space, advanced instruments for measurement are needed.

Veld Laser proudly contributes  to several space programs and  supplies to a number of leading space organizations in the world.


We recognize that innovation must be embedded in the very DNA of our company’s operations and culture, a part of normal, day- to- day operations. In fact, innovation may be one of the only resources of sustainable, competitive advantage and enduring success.
Examples for Innovative Business fields include:

  • Research & Development
  • Pilot Series
  • Daring Projects